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Easels for Easy Home, Office, Or Classroom Use

Easels Online:  Kids’ Easels, Art Display Easels, Presentation Easels, & More

Easels are simple, beautiful and functional, yet deeply personal to every artist, child and teacher that wields them.  Whether you're a serious artist, a beginner or you regularly make use of easels in presenting media to an audience, you can certainly appreciate the usefulness of a quality piece of equipment!    

Since our passion for art and speaking often comes from the inspiration our teachers, we provide durable, high quality chalkboards, dry erase white boards and double sided boards that let you unfold your presentations in real time to a rapt audience!  For you sketchers, etchers, painters and drawers, our selection ranges from simple tabletop and floor easels to more finely adjustable French style easels and H-frame models.    

Let's face it: your easel is as intimate to your work and play as a violin is to an orchestra's first violinist.  This sense of personal possession combined with our own passion for the visual media inspired us to create and stock an exquisite and manicured selection of the very best easels and accessories.    

We hope our dedication shines through in our great inventory and low prices.  We're humbled to be able to participate in helping you create the world's stunning visual displays and welcome you to join a live chat session with one of our knowledgable staff if you have any questions we can help you answer.  Feel alive, artists!

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All About Easels

The easel has been around since ancient times. Man’s need for a flat surface on which to draw began when cavemen used the walls of their caves to draw their world and display it to others. Centuries later, clay tablets depicting the life and times of ancient Egypt were discovered in King Tut’s tomb.

The first clear picture of the three-legged structure that we know today as an easel is shown holding a picture tied to it. This picture is believed to be from the first century. The easel had already become established as an artist’s tool.

Easels are just as important to artists today. The modern world has adopted the use of an easel for display purposes as well. Works of art are displayed to the public using a decorative easel as a back drop to completed artwork or photography. The easel stand forms a tripod used in business as a display for company announcements, to direct traffic in the building or to provide a holder for brochures, business cards and other printed materials.

Easel stands even help teachers and presenters to display information in a classroom or board room.

The easel holds a canvas or paper to enable the painter or sketcher to see his work from an upright position. This simple yet elegant device aids the artist in getting close access to his work and then allowing him to step back and observe the result from a distance to better see the whole picture. The inventor of the easel decided he would rather stand to paint or draw to allow his creative juices to flow. An artist can also see what others see when they observe his artwork.

There are all types of models running the gamut from small display tripods to large H frames. Children especially adore the small easel that sits on a table or desk or the floor model that stands alone. Take advantage of our seasonal sales and unleash your inner artiste!