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Art Easel Shop - Find an Artist Easel, Painting Easel, or Studio Easel

7 Product(s)

  • Bob Ross 2-in1 Metal TV Easel

    Bob Ross 2-in1 Metal TV Easel

    Sale Price: $210.99

    List Price: $299.99

  • The Deluxe Paint Station

    The Deluxe Paint Station

    Sale Price: $250.99

    List Price: $299.99

  • CARAVAGGIO Portable & Collapsible

    CARAVAGGIO Portable & Collapsible

    Sale Price: $214.99

    List Price: $499.99

  • The Kenosha

    The Kenosha

    Sale Price: $269.99

    List Price: $537.99

  • CHARIOT Mahogany Portable & Collapsible

    CHARIOT Mahogany Portable & Collapsible

    Sale Price: $219.99

    List Price: $349.99

  • Ambiente Classic A-Frame Easel

    Ambiente Classic A-Frame Easel

    Sale Price: $229.99

    List Price: $319.99

  • The Antigo

    The Antigo

    Sale Price: $250.99

    List Price: $318.99


7 Product(s)

Art Easel – A Primary Tool for the Creative Artist

The art easel stands upright to hold a painter’s canvas or a sketcher’s pad while he creates art work. Easels are also used to present a finished piece of art. It allows artists to be able to see their work better as they’re standing close and to see the overall picture as they stand back from their work.

Painters frames are available in several different styles:   

  • The artist style is adjustable at different angles and equipped with non-skid pads. It is portable and small in size to fit almost anywhere.

  • The paint station is suitable as a painter’s tripod because it has special places to hold paints, brushes and other painting tools. It is generally stationary and the added compartments are detachable and washable.

  • Studio frames are meant to be used in a studio with little to no portability. They can be very simple frames or have winches and casters. Some are built to support up to 200 pounds and hold canvasses up to 3 feet tall.

  • Display mounts are built to enhance the look of a drawing at a showing. They are available in different sizes to accommodate the items displayed.

  • Plein air (French for “in the open air”) is an artist’s frame suitable for travel. It is compact and portable and even appropriate for air travel.

  • Crayola Easels are for the young creative genius. They range in size from toddler to young children up to 12 years old.

Most art easels adjust from compact to full height to allow the artist to sit on a stool or stand up to paint, draw or sketch.