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Children's Double Sided Easels - Double Sided Easels for Kids

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  • Basic Easel - Hardboard

    Basic Easel - Hardboard

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1 Product(s)

Double-Sided Easels for Children

Kids love double-sided easels because they offer multiple ways to play and create.  Some of these double-sided easels for kids are great because they prevent fighting over the same drawing space.  If two siblings or two classmates both want to draw with chalk, color on lined paper, or make a maze with dry erase markers, they can on childrens' double-sided easels that have two of the same pads on each side.  A double sided easel for kids where the two pads are different also offers versatility, in case one child wants to paint and another merely wants to do some whiteboard sketching.  For numerous creative and play options, always go with a two-sided childrens' easel.