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Find a Dry Erase Easel for Kids - Dry Erase Board Easels

2 Product(s)

  • Multi-functional Language Easel

    Multi-functional Language Easel

    Sale Price: $208.99

    List Price: $339.99

  • White MICE Wheasel

    White MICE Wheasel

    Sale Price: $144.99

    List Price: $237.99


2 Product(s)

Dry Erase Easel – Ideal for the Classroom

Dry erase easel, or whiteboard, has a surface suitable for dry eraser markers and an eraser.  The board has legs attached and the whole unit folds flat or it comes with a detached frame.  Markers are usually in the basic colors of black, red, blue, green and orange.  The eraser is made of felt and easily erases the markers.  A whiteboard for kids will inspire hours of creating pictures and erasing them to create new masterpieces.  Please note that small children should not use regular markers used by adults as they are highly toxic.  Use only the markers made for kids.  A special solution is available to clean dry erase easels to keep them white with no permanent marks to mar the surface.