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Easel Accessories - Shop All Available Easel Supplies

3 Product(s)

  • Standard Easel Bag

    Standard Easel Bag

    Sale Price: $11.99

    List Price: $24.99

  • Avanti I Square Post Canvas Holder Set

    Avanti I Square Post Canvas Holder Set

    Sale Price: $16.99

    List Price: $32.99

  • Large Word Cards (6 per package)

    Large Word Cards (6 per package)

    Sale Price: $11.99

    List Price: $19.99


3 Product(s)

If you’ve every owned an easel, you know that there are many accessories to be had. From the canvas holder pegs, to the classic painter’s apron to paint racks – it’s all part of the complete easels accessories kit. You can piece together your own like most aspiring artists do or you can buy an easel accessories set that should allow you to hit the floor running.

Escape in the tranquility of painting, drawing or a really intense staring contest with your easel every single day if that’s your outlet, but make sure you have the easel accessory kit on standby whenever you’re ready to pick up the brush and have at it. Not every artist’s first works were magnificent, but you can get a leg up on the competition by preparing yourself for those days when the creative spark is ignited. has easel accessories for kids, adults and teachers so you can keep your painting station outfitted with the small things people tend to overlook. The easel travel bag is a common accessory that has proven to be priceless over the years. Many more easel accessories await you – just look around, we have it all!

We are the Wholesale Easel Accessories Superstore. Choose the best fit to make your next presentation a hit with the proper Easel Accessories supporting your materials. The right Easel Accessories can drastically improve the appeal of your work; whether you're showing Mom your latest sketch or presenting Company projections, we've got the best selection of Easel Accessories for you.