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H-Frame Easels - Find an Artist Easel with an H-Frame

3 Product(s)

  • Weber Pompei Studio Easel

    Weber Pompei Studio Easel

    Sale Price: $169.99

    List Price: $249.99

  • CHARIOT Mahogany Portable & Collapsible

    CHARIOT Mahogany Portable & Collapsible

    Sale Price: $219.99

    List Price: $349.99

  • Murano Professional Studio easel

    Murano Professional Studio easel

    Sale Price: $149.99

    List Price: $199.99


3 Product(s)

H Frame Easel – Top Dog of Easels

The H frame easel is top of the line in quality of easels.  It contains adjustable knobs to position every size canvas to every possible angle.  The easels are made of quality woods such as northern red oak, gold oak and fir.  These frames are intended to remain stationary in a studio because of their weight.  They are equipped with non-slip pads to prevent unexpected moving.  Artists who are serious painters will appreciate the professional amenities offered such as a work station to hold paints, brushes, a palette and other tools of the painter.  The H frame easel is more expensive than other painters’ frames, but is well worth it and will last a lifetime.