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Decorative Tabletop Easels - Desktop Easels for Decoration

5 Product(s)

  • Miniature Tripod

    Miniature Tripod

    Sale Price: $5.99

    List Price: $10.99

  • 12 inch Display Tripod

    12 inch Display Tripod

    Sale Price: $11.99

    List Price: $19.99

  • Table Top Tripod

    Table Top Tripod

    Sale Price: $11.99

    List Price: $18.99

  • Bifold Wooden Easel

    Bifold Wooden Easel

    Sale Price: $26.99

    List Price: $28.99

  • The Wahkeena

    The Wahkeena

    Sale Price: $21.99

    List Price: $42.99


5 Product(s)

Table Top Easels – Perfect for a Classroom of Young Artists

Mini easels are ideal for a classroom of kids or if you have more than one child at home.  These small tabletop art frames are conveniently portable and allow each child to have his or her own place to create what they see in their imaginations.  The frames can be placed on a desk top or a table so the children can have their own stand up support of their artwork.  Most are constructed just like the larger art frames, but in miniature size.  They can double as a display frame so that students can walk around and admire the creativity of their fellow classmates.  Folding and placing the frames in a drawer makes for easy clean up.