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Tabletop Artist Easels - Portable Easels & Desktop Easel Options

3 Product(s)

  • The Tokette

    The Tokette

    Sale Price: $43.99

    List Price: $86.99

  • Oak Table Top Easel

    Oak Table Top Easel

    Sale Price: $80.99

    List Price: $159.99

  • RODIN Sketch Box W/Table easel

    RODIN Sketch Box W/Table easel

    Sale Price: $90.99

    List Price: $158.99


3 Product(s)

Tabletop Easels - Find your Flat Space

Tabletop easels for artists make drawing, painting, and sketching much simpler, as many artists prefer to sit and work over a table rather than stand and paint like it's 1812.  Using a tabletop artist easels is especially useful when you're in the middle of a long-term creative project, as being able to pick it up and work on it for hours on a chair or couch is much simpler than standing for hours on end.  Unlike more conventional easels, these portable easels are easy to move around and are much simpler to rotate, providing an artist with plenty of opportunities to view his work in progress from as many different perspectives as he needs before proceeding on to the next stage of creative development.