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Dry Erase Board Easels - Find a Whiteboard Easel for Easy Erasing

3 Product(s)

  • Nest Easel - Black/Dura-Rite

    Nest Easel - Black/Dura-Rite

    Sale Price: $239.99

    List Price: $299.99

  • Baby Folding Wheasel

    Baby Folding Wheasel

    Sale Price: $182.99

    List Price: $299.99

  • Mini Wheasel - Melamine

    Mini Wheasel - Melamine

    Sale Price: $139.99

    List Price: $177.99


3 Product(s)

The Whiteboard Easel – Practical and Portable

A whiteboard easel is used by teachers and trainers to present information directly on the board with dry erase markers.  The white board is also magnetic, so it is an excellent way to show information on posters or other presentation materials.  Children can use plastic magnetic letters and position them to spell new words.  The frame is made of wood or metal with a lower shelf or a front pocket to hold markers and eraser.  The whiteboard easel won’t occupy much floor space since it is can be easily folded and stored when not in use.