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Bifold Easel Pegs

Bifold Easel Pegs Zoom

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Product Details

  • Tapered Pegs Fit Snug Inside The Tapered Peg Holes Of The Bifold Easel.
  • When You Get To The Shopping Cart, Specify Which Color You Want.
  • The 6' Bifold Easel Is Our Most Popular Seller, Which Means If You Don'T Know The Height Of Your Easel, It'S Probably A 6'.
  • On The 1' Bifold, You Can'T Remove The Pegs.
  • Quick Hint: When You Put The Peg In The Hole, Twist It.
  • It Will Seat Itself Very Firmly.
  • 3.5” long (LG)
  • 2.5" (SM)
  • 3/8” base
  • 5/8” ball
  • Twist It The Opposite Way When You Pull It Out.