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Which Easel is Best For Me?

Our Easel guide provides a great foundation for first time easel buyers. A good rule of thumb is first deciding if you'll be using your easel for display purposes or if you'll be utilizing your easel for constructing art projects.

Beginners and those seeking an easel for general use are encouraged to select a less expensive model. Professional artists, lecturers and others presenting information consistently should consider one of the higher end models.

What Makes Your Easels High Quality?

Our easels are made with aged fir and oak wood, tempered brass and aluminum and are individually hand crafted to ensure proper collapsing. Our easels are also outfitted with laser cut rubber feet to prevent sliding, fully functional racks, brackets and storage compartments. And as always, every easel that leaves our facility is hand inspected to ensure 100% functionality.

Do You Have Any Heavy Duty Easels?

Absolutely. We offer several easels that not only withstand daily abuse and transporting, but are built to handle vigorous painting method and can support up to 100+ lbs.

Do You Have Any Compact Easels?

Yes. Some of our artist easels are the smallest easels available on the market today, yet are built with the same craftsmanship as our larger units.

What About Multiple Canvases?

We do offer easels that are made to support multiple canvases at one time and can safely support them as well as other art or presentation supplies.

Wooden or Metal Easel?

We recommend wooden if you're after a traditional look and metal for a trendy, fashion forward look. This is dependant upon your presentation and preference.

Are Wooden Easels Finished?

The majority of our wooden easels are manufactured from a natural fir or oak, so you can easily add your own color finish and wax or protective lacquer!

Which Children's Easel is Best?

We typically recommend the children's easels with dry erase or chalkboard functionality to give kids a safe, constructive way to exercise their artistic skills. The double sided Kid's easel is a great combination.